The department of Health at the Municipal Assembly level consists of the office of the Municipal Medical Officer of Health.

The functions of the Department of Health:

(a) advise on the construction and rehabilitation of clinics and health centers or facilities;

(b)assist in the operation and maintenance of all health facilities under the jurisdiction of the regional and district coordinating council;

(c) assist to undertake health education and family immunization and nutrition programmes;

(d)coordinate works of health centers or posts or community based health workers;

(e)facilitate collection and analysis of data on health;

(f)promote and encourage good health and sanitation;

(g)facilitate diseases control and prevention;

(h)advise on management of the sick;

(i)assist to formulate, plan and implement district health policies within the framework of national health policies and guidelines provided by the Minister of Health;

(j) provide reports on the implementation of policies and programmes relating to health in the Municipal Assembly;

(k)advise the Assembly on all matters relating to health including diseases in the municipal;

(l)advise on the: appointment, discipline, posting and transfer of health personnel within the district; formulation and appointment of District Health management Committee, Advisory Boards, Committee of District Hospital, Polyclinics and Health Centers; supervision and control of all Municipal health Institutions; and collection of health statistical data and other relevant information;

(m) advise on the licensing and regulation of provision of medical care services by the private sector in the municipal;

(n) facilitate activities relating to mass immunization and screening for diseases treatment in the district.