Vision Statement:

The Municipal Statistical Department aspires to provide reliable and responsive statistical services for good governance and development.
Mission Statement: To harness, produce and manage quality local level statistics based on national standards using competent staff for evidence-based decision making in support of local and national development.

General Functions:
Collect, compile, store, and analyze data based on standardized formats.
Disseminate and publish statistical data based on guidelines developed by the Ghana Statistical Service.
Generate the data requirements of the District Assemblies on all Departments.
Provides timely data for incorporation into districts, regional, and national level statistics.
Monitor statistical enquires / surveys with the Municipality.
Advice the Municipal Assembly on all matters relating to statistics.

Objectives of the Statistics Department
Enhance the use of statistics for evidence based decision making.
Harmonize concepts, methods, and classifications used in the production of statistics at all levels.
Assist the Municipality to mobilize revenue for development.
Systematize the collection of administrative data across sectors and geographical units.